“Anyone can buy a drone and they’re easy to operate …

the trick is having the best minds working out what you do with them”

What we Do for You

Integrate Drones into Your Business

We can assist Clients who want to establish in-house drone systems with their employees or manage external drone operations in their existing business.  We can provide a unique corporate drone consulting service that can address issues such as: –

  • Strategic planning
  • Business case assessment
  • Documentation & training
  • Procurement options
  • Statutory & Insurance considerations

We combine our in-house corporate management & drone technology expertise to assist the seamless integration of this cutting-edge technology into your existing business operations.

Capture & Analyse strategic Project Data

We can demonstrate on your site how drones can be deployed with very little disruption to construction works or existing asset operations.

We can show you how to visually verify construction status, calculate cut & fill volumes, document hard to see issues as well as monitor defects on structures, machinery or equipment.

You will be able to run inspections more regularly and pick up issues sooner with Drone Ranger Australia’s unique service offering.

All these value-add services can be implemented by combining the latest drone (RPA) technology with our in-house project management, engineering & drone systems expertise.

How we Achieve Your Goals

improve project returns

We Improve Your Business Bottom Line

You can save significant Time and Money by mitigating contentious business and project issues such as Scope disparity, variations & delays by using bespoke drone imagery.

Drones will help you do away with expensive outlays such as site shutdowns or helicopter services to assess assets or sites that are elevated, inaccessible or difficult to reach.

Strategic integration of drone technology within your business can Improve the Bottom Line of your Business & achieve Better Project Outcomes for your Stakeholders.

Risk Icon

We Reduce Your Financial & Workplace Risk

You can reduce Workplace Risk by using drones to inspect & record hazardous, inaccessible or problematic site locations.

You can reduce the Financial Risk of Variation and Progress Claim disputes by using drones to visually record the ‘real-time’ status of the Project or Asset, which can then be compared against contract program & scope.

You can use drones to visually document unique As-Built chronicles for verifying Completion status and improving future asset management efficiency.

Strategic integration of drone technology within your business can reduce your overall Risk and achieve Better Project Outcomes for your Stakeholders.

industry experience

We blend Industry Experience with Cutting Edge Technology

In conjunction with our high level drone expertise, we have extensive management, construction and engineering IP from years of working on sites in the property and infrastructure industries….

We combine these technical skills with our CASA certified operations to deliver Clients strategic information safely, efficiently AND with a high technical expertise.

So if you need advice on how to get your employees using drones within your existing business, or your require a bespoke drone service to be set-up for your project, we have the drone consulting expertise to help you.

A unique and dynamic formula that achieves the Best Outcome for all of our Clients!

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