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How much computer storage do you need to run your drone program? The answer … HEAPS!

Is there anything else you need to consider apart from data storage?   The answer … YES, PLENTY!

Let me explain …

When looking at the process of getting the desired drone information, there are many steps involving software programs and lots of digital data. These steps include: –

  • Planning the drone flight – here you need flight planning software on your computer and/or drone controller; then
  • Acquiring the drone images – photos and video captured by the drone are stored as digital data on cards or other storage devices; then
  • Processing the images – another software program downloads the data from the storage device and processes it into the final digital product e.g. photogrammetry software to produce 3D models; then
  • Storing the Data – now you need a place to keep the files that are normally quite large e.g. HD video files can take up 1GB of data per minute of video.

Great, you’ve now got the raw data, processed it, and have it stored somewhere in its final form.   But wait … there are more things to consider!

  • Have privacy issues been considered when capturing the images?
  • Do the multitude of images require review to find that required bit of information?
  • How many files will it take for my data storage to be full?
  • Are the digital formats compatible with my business software system?
  • How will I transfer these large digital files to my colleagues and clients?
  • Are the files secure enough from hackers when stored or transported?
  • Can approved users easily access the files when needed?
  • Who has the expertise in my business to make sure these IT issues are addressed?

As you can see, data management is an important issue to consider and address BEFORE starting your drone program.

If you don’t consider it, the “digital explosion” may overwhelm your resources and ultimately your business.

So make sure you pre-plan and manage this modern age phenomenon called Big Data. It will greatly improve your chances of proceeding and scaling-up your drone program with minimal hassles.

In our next edition of the “Risks and Rewards” series, we will discuss how drones can really enhance communications within your business … and who wouldn’t like to communicate better?

Until then, onwards and upwards!

Greg is Founder and Managing Director of Drone Ranger Australia Pty Ltd, a drone consulting firm assisting Clients to integrate the innovative technology into existing business operations.


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