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So you’re considering using drones in your business operations?

Great … but unless you appropriately manage the risk of flying this drone within the regulated airspace and above people, property or near obstructions, your business could also be at risk!

So what are these drone risks?

Well the first one is related to safety … it’s basically the risk of losing control and crashing the drone.   The consequence of injuring people, damaging property, writing off capital cost and losing reputation for your business could be significant.

The other big risk is flying contrary to aeronautical rules and regulations (e.g. in non-approved airspace). Here you risk the loss of insurance cover, hefty fines and revocation of approvals and licences to fly drones again.

All of these safety and compliance risks can be appropriately managed when you consider issues such as: –

  • Flight experience and knowledge of the drone pilot and crew
  • Knowledge of airspace restrictions and weather conditions
  • Location obstructions such as trees, power lines and cranes
  • Potential interference from nearby radio frequency transmitters or even solar storms
  • The distance of the flight operation from people, property and traffic

Solutions that will help you consistently mitigate these issues and reduce the safety and compliance risks include: –

  • Education and training; and
  • Production and use of drone operating manuals, procedures and checklists; and
  • Development of a risk management culture for drone operations within your business; and
  • Make sure you have appropriate insurance covering drone operations

So before you get the drones in the air, make sure these risks are appropriately addressed … otherwise your business operations may be grounded before you know it!

In the next edition of the 8 part “Risks and Rewards” series, we’ll discuss how drones can reduce WHS risk on work sites … in the meantime, safe flying!

Greg is Founder and Managing Director of Drone Ranger Australia Pty Ltd, a drone consulting firm assisting Clients to integrate the innovative technology into existing business operations.


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