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Wondering how future drone technology may change our lives for the better?

Look no further, it already has with some really amazing drone applications that reduce workplace risk, lower costs and improve returns.

Here are some examples of current drone applications: –

Inspecting hard to reach assets – instead of getting workers climbing up difficult-to-reach assets such bridges, towers or tall buildings, drones can now fly up, inspect and record images of assets minimising workplace risk and expense.

2D mapping, 3D models & Volumetric calculations of areas – drones can take hundreds of photos of a site, stitch these photos together to produce a single photograph that can be used for high resolution assessment of the area.  The image can then be used to calculate cut and fill volumes of the existing ground conditions.  A 3D model of the area can also be produced from this process.

Delivering critical medical supplies – drone flights are now being undertaken in countries such as Rwanda to deliver urgent and critical medical supplies (such as blood) to postnatal women in remote or hard-to-reach villages.  Due to significant time savings using the drones in lieu of ground transport (delivery time can be down from 4 hours to 30 minutes!),  thousands of lives are now being saved by this drone service.

Lifesaving applications – trials are currently being undertaken in Australia to use drones for surf lifesaving purposes such as the delivery of rescue floats to swimmers in need as well as shark spotting on popular beaches.

People transport – testing for the transportation of people with drones has been undertaken recently in the USA.  It is anticipated that a 1 person drone will be trialled in Dubai in the middle of 2017 to fly people from one airport terminal to another to enable the timely connection of flights in an otherwise busy road network area.

And we’re only at the start of the journey … there will be uses that haven’t even been considered yet.   What an exciting technological future is ahead of us!


Drone Ranger Australia specialises in providing drone applications for the Property and Infrastructure industries.

Greg is Founder and Managing Director of Drone Ranger Australia Pty Ltd, a drone consulting firm assisting Clients to integrate the innovative technology into existing business operations.


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