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Our previous blogs have shown how drones can reward business with more efficient operations, improved communications, enhanced marketing and a reduction in workplace safety risk … now it’s time to see how drones can improve the bottom line of business!

As you know, 2 primary elements are needed – either higher revenue or lower costs … preferably both at the same time 🙂

Generally drones will help you lower costs. For example …

  • Reducing shutdown time for inspections on operating assets or networks e.g. industrial plant, utilities, roads and railways;
  • Producing enhanced tender information that reduces unknown risk issues on projects;
  • Getting construction site information to Stakeholders quicker and safer than existing methods e.g. calculating cut and fill volumes on a civil works site;
  • Greatly reducing set-up costs and time for asset inspections in difficult to reach locations e.g. bridges;
  • Providing clear identification of construction or defect issues that can resolve variation issues and mitigate legal disputes;
  • Reducing workplace risk incidents (& subsequent insurance costs) when the drones are used to undertake dull, dangerous and/or dirty work e.g. inspecting infrastructure towers.

There are also situations where drones can achieve higher revenue for businesses. For example, providing high quality, unique marketing imagery that show off assets to achieve greater demand and higher prices e.g. residential property sales.

Nice view from the Drone!

The drone is not “silver bullet” technology that solves all problems in all situations. It is, however, a very powerful tool that can be used for great results in the right situations.

You just need to be confident that you have chosen the right situation and carry it out in the right way!

When you do, it will greatly enhance the way you do business.

We hope you’ve gleaned some useful information from our blogs about “Risks and Rewards of using Drones in Business”.

If you would like further information about how drones can be used in your business “in the right situation and the right way”, give me a call on +61 419 246 470 or email me at [email protected]

In the meantime, all the best and … onwards and upwards 🙂

Greg is Founder and Managing Director of Drone Ranger Australia Pty Ltd, a drone consulting firm assisting Clients to integrate the innovative technology into existing business operations.


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