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Reducing WHS Risk with Drones

Did you know that drones could significantly reduce WHS risk at your worksite? But how?

Drone Safety & Compliance Risk

So you’re considering using drones in your business operations? Great … but unless you appropriately manage the risk of flying this drone within the regulated airspace and above people, property or near obstructions, your business could also be at risk! So what are these drone risks?

Drones for your Business – Risks & Rewards

Is your business looking to improve or replace inefficient processes?   How about acquiring better information that will make your business more competitive? Drones can make this […]

Reducing Construction Risk

See how to reduce the $ risk on your construction project using drone technology & project management expertise

Construction Drones

Significant time and cost savings can be achieved using cutting-edge drone technology on construction sites ...

Site Data & 3D models with Drones

Drones can capture amazing data from property & infrastructure projects ... site dimensions, areas, cut & fill volumes and even 3D models. Now combine this cutting edge technology with project management & engineering expertise ... Watch this Drone Ranger Australia video for more information.

Visualising Project Risks for Stakeholders

Drone Ranger Australia has been featured on page 24 of the Project Manager magazine (April 2017 edition) in an article about the future of project documentation, risk mitigation and Stakeholder engagement. An informative read for Directors and Project Managers looking to de-risk their projects, enhance Stakeholder engagement and lower Projects costs.
Transporting People with Drones ... Drone Ranger Australia

How will Drones improve our lives?

Wondering how future drone technology may change our lives for the better?