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Is your business looking to improve or replace inefficient processes?   How about acquiring better information that will make your business more competitive?

Drones can make this possible.

How? By delivering on-demand information that can transform day-to-workflows, increase collaboration and allow the business to become even more productive.

But drones do come with their own risks … they are projectiles that can collide with people, property or other aircraft causing potentially significant injury or damage … they also produce digital data that can affect the privacy and security of people and organisations.

So if you’re considering introducing innovative drone technology into your business this year, you need to be well informed.

  • Where do I start?
  • What should I consider?
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the rewards?

In this upcoming 8 Part series, Drone Ranger Australia will cover the need-to-know information that will assist getting your drone program off the ground in a safe and rewarding manner.

You’ll learn about the issues associated with safety and compliance, getting the right information from the drone and what drone expertise is required to make the operation safe and effective.

We’ll also outline how drones can lower your WH&S risk, acquire better & quicker information, improve communications and achieve higher financial returns for your business.

Part 1 of the series “Safety & Compliance Risk” is coming soon …

Greg is Founder and Managing Director of Drone Ranger Australia Pty Ltd, a drone consulting firm assisting Clients to integrate the innovative technology into existing business operations.


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